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Four Places to Buy Articles and Do It For You Content for Your Blog and Social Media Channels

Writing and producing content is important for any business or blog. This article will show you where you can purchase articles. It also provides content production that goes beyond articles. This includes social media updates and graphics, ebooks, checklists as well as sales pages, lead magnets, and more.

Recently, in my Facebook Group Help A Blogger Out I opened office hours for members and asked them to share their current blogging struggles.

This is why I do it every once in a while. It’s a way for us to all help one another out. Blogging can be lonely, especially if you have the privilege of doing it from home.

Content creation was one of the most common themes that emerged from the thread. It can be difficult to find the time to write content if you have a full-time job, or other commitments.

Content is essential to our business. It is the basis of our bottom line. It is what keeps our community connected and returning.

With that in mind, I believe it’s one of the things I believe in investing if I can and if making a living from my blog.

I believe that you shouldn’t spend money until your blog can sustain itself. Even then, business owners should make wise decisions.

But I believe you have to spend money to make money. You will need to purchase supplies for your business, and you’ll need to pay for services to help you run it better.

You will see how blogging articles can be a profitable business venture when you look at your blog in this way.

Naturally, strategy is my top priority. I’ll discuss strategies to outsource content creation for your business.

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This post will provide you with information.

  • Why you might want to buy articles and done for you content
  • What can you do for your content?
  • Where can I buy articles and DFY content?
  • Priorities for your business

Why you might want to buy articles and done for you content

I purchase articles because I have an idea or topic I want to blog about, but I need to do it quickly.

It’s easy to buy content done for you. I can take someone else’s work and edit it to my liking. Then, it’s out the door quickly so that I can concentrate on other things that will bring me more money.

Articles that are related to a topic I am interested in writing about, but don’t have any personal experience with it, may be bought by me. This means I will need to spend hours researching other sources in order to find the information I need to compile an article.

Instead, I find an article that covers the subject and can complete it in much less time than if I were to start from scratch.

This is also true for DIY content, crafts, and recipes.

These projects are often created by mommy-bloggers, home decor bloggers, and food bloggers. Others simply buy the complete package with all the finished photos and progress pictures.

This sounds like a great idea! Your job in this instance is to ensure that your craft or project has SEO and Pinterest-ready features. Then, you can promote the article using affiliate products.

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What can you do for your content?

So, I keep switching back and forth between being able to purchase articles and having done-for-you content. What is the difference? Yes.

Everything is wrapped in a bow when you order done for you content (DFY). You could buy a complete article on Halloween party decor, complete with all images, in the examples above.

You can go further and get a digital product to sell, a lead magnet for your readers to convert them into subscribers, and email followups so you know what you should send them. This includes sales page copy, graphics, and blurbs for social media to help you promote the product.

This is an easy and quick way for bloggers to avoid the difficult task of creating courses or products.

You can simply edit the done for me content to fit your branding voice, personality, and brand.

These DFY packs are used by life coaches, business coaches, and health coaches to help them attract clients. Coaching industry professionals would rather spend their time with clients in 1-on-1 or group coaching sessions than writing articles.

They need the content to attract more clients.

They can do it quickly.

Where can I buy articles and DFY content?

There is content to suit every budget, but there are also different pricing options. Let’s begin with premium content.

Premium Content Writing Agencies

A quick Google search for articles for sale will bring up the first page of the best content writing agencies and ready made articles.

These agencies have premium writers on their payroll who must pass rigorous entry points in order to be accepted as freelancers. These agencies guarantee articles free of plagiarism and written to the highest grammar standards and vocab standards.

Premium is also big money. Single articles can be quoted up to $250. If you are looking for a professional piece in a particular field, it may be worth the investment.

You can also find premium content agencies that offer lower pricing.

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Facebook Groups for Writers

You know that there is a Facebook group for every topic and FB Groups are great resources to help you grow your blog.

A lot of freelance writers are also active in Facebook groups, selling their products.

They will list the titles for sale and then send them to you by email within three working days.

They are often also bloggers, so they know what an author is looking for in a post.

These groups will also contain DFY content such as round-ups that have been published and are ready for publication, recipes and crafts, and other types.

Many of these companies offer recipe recreation services. They can even recreate your recipe using high-quality photos if you don’t know how to take photographs.

PLR Articles and Content for DFY

PLR service providers are another popular way to get content. PLR means private label rights. This means that you own the article once you buy it. You can do almost anything with it.

Many of these products come with MRR, master reseller rights. This means that you can sell this content back if you want.

The best thing about PLR content for me is its price. A pack of 20 articles on the same topic can be purchased for $5. A complete DFY digital product, including a sales funnel, can be purchased for $20.

PLR products pose a danger because of the way they are spread. These articles can be sold to thousands of people, who might all use them word for word on their blogs.

This can be avoided by rewriting or editing the PLR articles you have purchased.

They are great for ideas and content that I don’t have on my blog. They might be combined into a mini-ebook that I can use for a free email optin, or as social media content.

It’s easier to begin with an article already written. You can rewrite just a few paragraphs. Add more information to the article for SEO purposes and additional information (since PLR articles are typically between 500-700 words), package it well, and send it to Internet-land.

To ensure that your PLR provider is a quality writer, take the time to verify their credentials.

These are some of my favorite PLR providers. You can also find great free PLR articles here.

  • Dina @ Wordfeeder Great content for parenting bloggers and lifestyle bloggers
  • Niche Starter Packages – Ideal for self-improvement and home finance and gardening articles
  • Piggy Makes Bank Self-help, financial and health articles
  • Health and Wellness PRL – Lots of great planners and journaling content, as well as articles about health and wellbeing.
  • Internet Layers – I love the variety of topics they cover, including health, wellness, parenting, and business.
  • Cindy Bidar This content is great for coaches, digital marketers, and online business owners. You can also sell her great courses!

These PLR eBooks are perfect for creating eBooks in your company.

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Fiverr and other freelance websites

Fiverr, Upwork, and similar sites are different from premium content agencies. These websites allow freelance writers to market themselves and not the agency. It’s a lot like eBay for services.

You can search Fiverr quickly for blog posts and term articles to find thousands of freelance writers.

You may want to rewrite articles purchased from authors or run them through Google or Copyscape to make sure there isn’t any duplication or plagiarism.

Your business priorities

You must decide what your priorities and how you will maintain them when you blog for profit.

Content creation is the heart of a blog business. It should not be neglected for too long.

has a solid blog schedule to help you create your content.

Perhaps batch-writing is what you mean, or content repurposing when time is tight. Or maybe it means that you sacrifice time to get the job done.

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I hope this helped you. Please share it or pin it for later. Leave any questions below.